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Massage is touch with intent.  It requires detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology and techniques.  Massage is never forced upon an animal and is only done through low stress handling.  It is crucial to have an understanding of an animals body language and to be able to "read" the subtle cues they are using to communicate. 


Massage therapy and energy work can be beneficial to animals of all life stages and activity levels.  

Massage is ideal for puppies or fearful dogs because it helps with trust building, skill set, and overall relaxation.  Post surgical cases, dogs with areas of swelling or edema, and palliative or comfort care cases would benefit greatly from lymphatic massage.  In lymphatic massage advanced techniques are used to help move lymph through the system which not only helps decrease swelling but also boosts the immune system.  Pre event massage is good for active or working dogs to help warm up the muscles and better prepare the body for activity, this helps prevent injury.  Regular massage of active or working dogs also helps increase range of motion which can help their overall performance.  Post event massage helps the body recover from activity and helps to decrease muscle soreness, this is especially good for agility dogs.  Myofascial massage can be used to help animals that have sustained injury or suffer from chronic pain. 

Reiki can be incorporated into any massage session.  Reiki promotes a sense of calm and overall peace.  It is especially good for comfort care cases, geriatric animals, and nervous animals.


There are many techniques that can be applied in different situations.  Each session will be unique depending on the needs of your pet.  At our initial appointment I will do an intake and assessment.  This includes a detailed history of your pet, gait analysis, and your goals for our time together.  Prior to our first appointment a veterinary approval form must be completed by your pets veterinarian.  This ensures that your pet does not have any conditions that would contraindicate massage therapy.  When setting up our appointment I will ask you for your veterinarian's name and I will email or fax them the form.

I see clients in the comfort of their own home. Currently servicing Ooltewah, TN and surrounding areas.



*If traveling more than 15 miles there will be an additional travel fee


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